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    A little information about our pens:

    All of our pens are made from REAL .308 AND 30-06 rifle cartridges.  We do try to use re-cycled cartridges as much as possible but sometimes we have to use brand new ones.  Re-cycled cartridges means they have been used and shot.  This means our pens may have minor surface dings and imperfections...this is not a defect at all, we believe it adds to the character and authenticity of our pens.

    Brass will tarnish over time and use (that is the nature of real brass).  If/when your pen starts to tarnish, we recommend using a few drops of any standard metal such as Braso on a clean soft cloth to return the pen to its original shine.

    Our pens take a standard Cross Pen style refill cartridge which you can purchase by the 5-pack from our website or you can visit your local office store and purchase one there.  Just pull the pen apart where the two shell meet in the middle, un-screw the ink cartridge and put in the new one. 

    We hope you enjoy your handcrafted bullet pen, we highly recommend having your initials engraved on the pen, this will deter your jealous friends from keeping it for themselves.